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The Annals of Musings & Meanderings

A. R. M.
27 May
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Hello, I am a globetrotter destitute who sometimes flies without a parachute.
I'm a restless spirit (not a bad year either!) who constantly suffers from getting her arse numb for being in one place for too long. I often seem to be confused when it comes to making deals with people, i.e. when I was supposed to be taking part in a milk maid contest, I ended up in a job interview for a milkman's position, and just my refusal due to my gender reminded me where I should have been instead. I was only going to take part in the contest because of the benefits that the winner got, for example countless corndogs, hugs from the drop-dead-gorgeous, sponsored t-shirts from black-listed companies, my photos showing up on health campaign products, words of wisdom from anyone who considered my status as a threat to world peace, free booze in pubs, lollipops, and a status as the nipple of the nation-- which then again is a symbol of fertility, sexuality and beauty.
When there's a whip, there's a way, but I don't own a whip (though maybe I should)..

...nor do I own an umbrella, those things are just inexistent to my world. Totally obsolete. No rain no gain! I might get infected by a deadly disease from running around and snuggling up to people in the rain, maybe, but so what? I might as well step on a jellyfish that's gotten lost on the street and hit my head hard and consequently either die or be in a coma while I should be busy fighting the whirlwinds that take hats, wigs, socks and slippers from the innocent.