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Conversation on the street

Time: 2:15 p.m. on a Monday
Place: intersection of Broadway and Colfax, Downtown Denver. Mass transit area for buses in and out of Denver. Eclectic mixture of homeless people, students, travelers, 9-5ers, street vendors and poor people.

The conversation goes something like this...
Strange Man: Hey, how's it going?
Me: Good. You?
Strange Man: Nice weather we're having, right?
Me: It's a little windy, but otherwise I can't complain.
SM: You waiting for the bus or something?
Me: Yep.
SM: Where you headed?
Me: Auraria Campus
SM: Oh. What are you going to school for?
Me: To finish my B.A.
SM: You're very beautiful. Do you wanna hang out some time?
Me: Sorry. I don't think my boyfriend would like that very much.
SM: Oh, sorry. I didn't know you had a boyfriend. No disrespect. Take care now.
*Exit Strange Man*

5 Minutes Later

Strange Man: Hey, do you have a picture of your boyfriend?
Me: Why do you want to see a picture of my boyfriend?
Strange Man: Oh, you know, I'm new to the city and just trying to get the lay of the land. I've been talking to black women, white women, Chinese women, beautiful women, fat women, tight women, ugly women--you know, ALL the women. Just trying to find out how the women are here and find out if they're lying to me or not.
Me: You think I'm lying to you?
SM: That's what I'm trying to find out. I think you are. I don't think you have a boyfriend.
Me: You don't trust women very much, do you?
SM: (Laughs) I guess I don't..... So you gonna show me that picture?
Me: I don't have a picture.
SM: You don't have a picture of your boyfriend, the person who you love and cherish?
Me: No. And I don't think that's so strange. You don't know me or him. And you're going off making judgments about me because I don't have a silly picture in my purse?
SM: Are you a Christian-sort of woman?
Me: I'm not sure what you mean by that.
SM: Are you a sinner?
Me: I'm not a Christian. Therefore, "sin" is not a part of my vernacular.
SM: You don't believe in hell?
Me: I think every society has a set of beliefs in which it constitutes "right" and "wrong" and that most people are aware of these beliefs. People make choices based on what they know, and they choose every day whether they are going to be moral or not. Sometimes bad actions come with real-life bad consequences. But do I think someone's going to this horrible, mythical place called hell--which I call mythical because it can't be proven that it exists--because they steal a TV or because they talk to the Venus statue that sits under their window all the time? No, absolutely not.
SM: Do you like women?
Me: Are you asking me this because of the Venus reference?
SM: (Laughs) ...But seriously. Do you like them?
Me: Of course I do. I'm a woman. If I didn't like myself, I'd probably be dead by now.
SM: Do you like other women?
Me: Other women are awesome!
SM: I know! They have pretty faces, beautiful breasts, nice eyes, sexy butts. They're just overall gorgeous, aren't they?
Me: Definitely! I whole-heartedly agree.... You know, I'm glad we could find some common ground here.
SM: So you ARE one of those lesbians, aren't you?
Me: Nope. Can't say that I am.
SM: Have you ever dated a black man?
Me: Yes, I've dated men of all colors. I'm not picky when it comes to race.
SM: How many?
Me: How many what?
SM: How many black men have you dated?
Me: As in, of African descent? Umm, let's see... 3, I believe
SM: 3. How many white men have you dated?
Me: I don't know. More than 3.
SM: 3's not a very large number. Do you have a problem with other races?
Me: No, but I believe you do.
SM: What?
Me: You're so focused on the black vs. white thing. You think because I've only dated 3 people of African descent that I'm a racist. But not once did you ask me about Asians or Hispanics or Middle Easterners or Native Americans.
SM: What the fuck?! I am not a racist, you ugly white bitch! You don't know me, whore! You don't know me!...Hey! Where the fuck do you think you're going?! You're not walking away from me, bitch!!!
Me: Oh, look! There's my bus.

*End Scene*

I'm so glad my bus came at that moment because I think I was about to get my ass beat.

Apr. 20th, 2012

My friends page is sad. :( Everybody has moved on to facebook. Guess that's where I'm going too.

I ain't doin' it again....

I just wrote this long post about my classes and how surprsied I am at myself for revealing the passions and deeper aspects of this person that is me on discussion boards to virtual strangers when I post little to nothing on a blog to those I consider my virtual friends. But somewhere I must have hit a wrong key and poof! everything was instantly erased.


Sep. 17th, 2009

So, the other day, a friend? acquaintance? (just what constitutes calling someone a friend vs. acquaintance?) mentioned how most people in the room were not writing in their livejournals. Even though we are not friended, I still knew I was very much guilty of this, and resolved for the eleventh or thirteenth time to post more.
Let's see, what have I been doing.... Well, I just moved uptown (about six blocks from the mall ride on 16th St), and I'm within spitting distance of a 7-11 and a sports bar. To say it's noisy all the time is an understatement! The view straight-on from my living room window is about the ugliest picture one can get: a bar, a gas station, and an alleyway, in which I regularly see people piss. But when I lie on my bed at night and am at an angle to the window, I have the most spectacular view of the city and all of its lights! It's a nice thing to close my eyes to...
Anyway.... My new hang out is Fluid. I'd say I spend about ten hours a week there at least on my laptop, posting discussions for my online classes, doing my Spanish and French labs, and (if I have time) messing around on the internet...like I am now. Yeppers, this is definitely messing around.
But it's the good kind of mess.
Well, other than getting things unpacked, and starting a list of things I want to get to make my small but fabulous new place even more fabulous, there's not much else going on! My parents are coming to visit in October for a few days, and I've been scrambling to schedule as much sight-seeing as possible while they're here. No sleep! No sleep! Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la!

Sorry. Too much coffee.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

I could have emailed folks, but I thought lj might be quicker...
I got a note shoved underneath my door last night. Apparently every year in April, my apartment complex has people come in and spray for bugs. It's a pretty involved affair. The note specifically mentions that if instructions are not complied with, eviction papers will be processed. I don't know if that's legal, but I certainly don't want to find out!
What's supposed to happend is this: Not only am I moving everything (except for furniture) off the floor, I will need help to move my mattress and box springs against the wall and my bedframe 18 inches from the wall. The bed moving needs to happen Wednesday, April 23. I will then have to find a space to crash that night, and I will again need help moving my bed back on Thursday evening. Any couch space or moving help would be greatly appreciated! I only need one other person to help with the moving part, and I will ply anyone with gas money, dinner, drinks, coffee, or anything else agreed upon to help me move my things and/or relegate their couch to me for a night.

Thanks so much!

Dysfunctional Eve

So, I spent the night partaking of skinny white russians, kazooing christmas carols in a drunken kazoo chorus, and playing competitive paddleball with my boss and an 89-year-old wheelchair-bound deaf woman.

How was your Eves of Christmas?

It works! It works!

Yay! This is me, being enthralled, cause my internet just got installed... Everything is still a fuckin' mess...and I still have more to bring in from storage, but at least I can start work so I won't be so bollocksy BORED all the time! I'm thankful the DNC's here cause it's given me something to do at night...just catch the light rail a few blocks away and shoot right downtown... Whew! I'm so glad to be back in the thick of things---I was going nutso in NC, having no internet and virtually no social life.... Did learn a lot though, learned more about coffee and espresso than I ever imagined was out there, got a degree, bought a new car, got my credit all straightened out... I guess I really didn't have time for a social life! Lol, nah, I take that back; I could've squeezed one in---I was just afraid to drive cause of my damn DUI... But I digress. Life is good. I have my keys. I have a bed (sort of). I have sustenance. I have friends. And I will soon have money.

Does anyone need any birdseed?

Keep abreast for housewarming party info, coming up whenever I decide things look organized...

Coffee, Menonites, and Stripping

Today was the slowest day I think I've ever worked at Quotations. Only one guy came in the last 2 1/2 hours we were open, and it was for a mere cup of coffee. Carolyn and I spent most of the time swapping life stories and playing what she called her "dance/pop music mix" on her ipod-- which mainly consisted of Prince, Warren Zevon, and Kylie Minogue. Courtney came in briefly to fill is in on her birthday plans this weekend. Apparently, she just picked up a dildo vibrator, and when she goes out with her friends tomorrow night, they're all going to strip for her. This is a girl who's in high school, turning 18, and whose family used to be Menonites until they were ousted for one of their daughters getting pregnant out of wedlock (not Courtney). Needless to say, her parents probably aren't aware of her wild night out. I hear stories all the time like this from the other two high school kids I work with, Laura and Zach, and I'm just floored by how much has changed since I was in high school, and that was only a mere 12 years ago. Maybe I was just innocent or maybe they're simply the products of growing up sheltered in a small town with nothing to do but drink, smoke pot, and have sex, but I never even thought about having my friends strip for me, much less stripping for them. I didn't even buy a vibrator until I was 21...But then again, I was brought up by parents who were considered "new age", who were into reincarnation, channeling, tarot, and the paranormal. My life was weird every day, just in a different way. Maybe if my younger compatriots had been brought up with a little spice, a little weirdness, they wouldn't feel the need to create it in their social lives... I don't know..

All I can say is, my window shade's fallen down again, which is something I can pretty much count on at this time of night.... Finally, yes! Something I can fix!
(Er. mostly)

Strike that, reverse it

Sorry I teased you folks in CO, but I wanted to let everyone know that my trip is not, in fact, happening--at least not right now. Those of you who were close to me during my time in CO will probably remember my turbulent times with Justin, how afraid and insecure the failure of his marriage had made him, and how many ups and downs I suffered because of my own shortcomings repeatedly punching his buttons. nalablack , especially, probably remembers he and I trying to move in together, twice, with him panicking and backing out at the last minute. Let's just say this time wasn't much different, only on a much grander scale.

I've unpacked all my things by now and only have to break down boxes. Did you know that my suitcase is a portal for vagabond shoes leaving their mates, as well as psychedelic, sneering dragon paintings? I didn't know that, and I'm very depressed, after owning this suitcase for 15 years, to only be finding this out now.

Well, normally, I would now be throwing myself into work and/or school. But after begging for my job back, I have been relegated to only weekends for the time being. I can't take any classes because they all started last week. So, any suggestions on some wild and crazy ways to pass some summer days away? (Preferably cheap with not too much driving..)

Headin' back

This will be short because I despise dial-up.. For those of you who haven't heard yet, let me make it official.. I am indeed returning to CO (albeit a year sooner than originally planned). kerouaclives is arriving this Saturday night, and we will leave Sunday, to arrive maybe Tues or Wed. A housewarming party will be forthcoming, so keep your peepers peeled.
It will be so awesome to see everyone!